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  • 3 Wintertasic Dogs Breeds

    It is finally winter!

    This is the most wonderful time of the year. If you live in a state that is destined for snow and is interested in buying a dog, you should consider getting Siberian Husky puppies, Akita puppies, or German Shepherd puppies. These dogs love the winter weather almost as much as you do. Read below to find out just why these breeds love winter.

    1. Siberian Husky puppies.

    You may recognize these dogs from Disney’s famous “Snow Dogs” movie. They are commonly known as the snow sled dogs. These puppies have a heart for the snow. Siberian Husky puppies can enjoy very low temperatures because of their thick coats. Without this coat, their time in the snow would not be as enjoyable. It’s comparable to if you were to walk outside without wearing your coat. Make sure that before your Siberian Husky puppy plays in the snow, it has developed its winter coat first.

    1. Akita puppies.

    Akita puppies have an ancestry that is extremely fond of winter weather. These animals come from the snowy mountains of Honshu in Japan. They were raised in cold weather that transformed their fur to have a thick layer that is capable of keeping them warm in the cold. If you and your family love playing outside in the snow, your Akita puppies would love to join you.

    1. German Shepherd puppy.

    The German Shepherd puppy loves cold weather. A German Shepherd puppy will have a coat that can withstand cold of almost minus 10 degrees. They are energetic dogs that love to let their energy out in the snow. As energetic as these dogs are they are also extremely well behaved dogs and won’t make you stay outside any longer than you want to.

    All of these puppies will fare well in winter weather, but it would be best to wait until their fur is fully developed before exposing them to extremely cold weather. These snow friendly dogs would be the best addition to your household this winter. You can find Siberian Husky puppies, Akita puppies, and German Shepherd puppies at your nearest Petland store.

  • 3 Considerations to Make Before Buying a pet

    Are you thinking about buying a new loving pet for your home?

    There are more positive reasons than not to add a pet to your household. However, there are certain things to consider before committing to taking care of a precious dog in your household. A lot of thinking has to be done before buying your new furry friend. They are a lot of work to take care of and need a home that is sure to give them the love and affection they need. Here is a series of questions to consider before buying a dog.

    1. Do you have allergies?

    One of the most common allergies are allergies to pet hair, but this does not mean that you can’t buy a dog. Consider looking hypoallergenic dogs so that you can enjoy having a special friend like the rest of the population that owns a dog.

    1. Will your pet fit your lifestyle?

    Pets need a healthy home just like a child would. Before getting a dog, assess your lifestyle. If you have a 9-5 job and would need to leave your pet alone for a long time, consider reevaluating if you can take on the task of having a dog alone and if you’ll need to hire the assistance of a dog walker or sitter in the very beginning.

    1. Do you have a yard?

    Are you willing to walk your dog each time duty calls? If you do not have a backyard, walking your dog can be one of the most daunting tasks especially during the winter. Dogs can’t control when they’re going to have to need to use the bathroom which means that you have to be willing to take them out in the middle of the night. During the winter this can be a miserable task if you’re already cozy in your pajamas. It takes a dedicated pet owner to take on the demands of this task.


    It is not an impossible one, but it’s something to really consider.

    When looking for a furry friend to add to your household, you should most definitely consider buying a dog. Buying a dog is as simple as googling “pet store near me.” Before considering just any pet store, find the nearest Petland store. There are onsite employees who will help you assess if your lifestyle is ready for a fury buddy.

  • 3 Qualities of a Great Pet Store

    Have you been looking into buying a dog recently but have no idea where to go to get one?

    There are so many pet stores in America to consider buying a dog from, but that does not mean that every shop is ethical. Here are some qualities to look for in a store before buying a dog. It’s no wonder that Petland stores fit the bill!  

    1. Is it clean?

    If the store is clean, you can predict that the company puts a big emphasis on maintaining a healthy environment, which means that they care about how they treat the pets they sell. This is important when considering a store where to buy your new furry friend because an environment that emphasizes cleanliness will make sure that your dog is infectious disease free and healthy.

    1. Is the staff welcoming?

    A welcoming staff is a good sign to consider when walking into a pet store because this can mean that they also treat their dogs friendly as well. Dogs that are sold in mean harmful environments have a higher chance of being mean and agitated easily inside your household. This type of dog would be extremely dangerous to take care of and may hurt you and your family. Dogs raised in Petland stores are loved and well taken of at all times.

    1. Does the business have good ratings?

    This is very important when considering if a company is worth investing your money in. The reviews will tell you a lot about other peoples experiences with dogs from this business. These reviews should be seriously considered before buying a puppy from their selection. The truth from a previous customer can hold many things that the company may be trying to hide from you.


    When you’re looking for a pet store that is clean, has a welcoming staff and has extraordinary ratings consider buying your next dog at Petland stores. Petland stores are one of the most ethical and reliable places to buy your dog from because they make sure to take into consideration all of the living conditions necessary to raise a healthy and loving dog. Visit Petland stores today to see for yourself how incredible this dog store is.


  • 3 Ways Pets Make Parenting A Little Easier

    Being a parent is incredibly hard.

    Those who do it with ease should win an Academy Award for not having a breakdown when trying to handle children. It can be especially difficult during the time of the terrible two’s. This is a phase where your toddler is essentially out of control with energy through the roof. It seems like they need to be entertained every two to three seconds which can be tough for a mother to handle when there are multiple tasks around the house that need to be completed. If this is your current situation and you need some help entertaining your child try googling “Boxer puppies for sale near me.” Here are some reasons why you should think about finding Boxer puppies for sale near you.

    1. They are incredibly friendly.

    Boxers are sure to be the sweetest dog to your child. They play nice and will have patience with your two-year-old child’s energetic personality. They make for best friends if your child is having a meltdown. They are sympathetic and will treat your child with great respect.

    1. They set boundaries.

    Boxers help ensure the rules around the house because of their superb intelligence. Well-trained boxers will help make sure that your child does not cross any boundaries that are not in the rule book. These dogs understand the word “no” and will help enforce it while you leave the two alone together.

    1. They are calm.

    One of the biggest concerns most parents have when bringing a dog around their child is whether or not the dog will be calm enough around the child, so it does not hurt them. Have no fear! Boxers have a calm and loving personality trait. They are the last thing to ever worry about hurting your child. Boxers make great childhood pillows for nap time after a good play.


    If you are looking for a cheaper way to take care of your two-year-old while doing work around the house without hiring a nanny, you should think about looking for Boxer puppies for sale near you. They are guaranteed to make a great companion for your child throughout their whole life. You can find incredibly well-trained boxers at your nearest Petland store.


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