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  • Chiweenies for Sale Are the Latest Craze in Designer Puppies

    Have you seen a dog that looks something like a Chihuahua but it’s too large to be one because of the longer body?

    If you’ve answered “yes,” then it’s very likely that you’ve seen a Chiweeine for sale. A Chiweenie is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund and these petite pups are the latest craze of designer small dog breeds. We’ve compiled 5 facts about these somewhat elusive and exclusive breeds. Check them out!

    chiweenies for sale

    Fact 1: These pups are extremely intelligent, however, because of their, shall we say “independent personalities” they tend to be a bit hard to train. They’re stubborn little stinkers. There, we said it! You’ll need some patience with them. 

    Fact 2: If you’re looking for a dog that will have a long life span, then purchase a Chiweenie for sale, because they have an expectancy between 12 and 15 years!

    Fact 3: Chiweenies will be best in homes with older children and no pets. They are reportedly rather selfish with their owners affections and sometimes don’t get along well with other pets.

    Fact 4: They’re highly sociable dogs and enjoy spending time with their families. In a house of several family members, they have a tendency to develop a closer bond with one family member. They’ll show their extreme loyalty to that one person forever!

    Fact 5: Of course, they are one of the small dog breeds, weighing in at a whopping average of 8 to 12 pounds!

    Fact 6: Want a watchdog? We’re pretty confident you didn’t think of these small dog breeds, but if you’re in the watchdog market, consider Chiweenies for sale! They won’t attack but they will bark…a lot! They also have a reputation for being aggressive to go along with their barks and defending their owners against threats.

    Fact 7: These aren’t cookie cutter dogs! You’ll find that no Chiweenie for sale will look like another. That makes them undeniably unique and part of the rising adoration for them.

    Fact 8: They are nicknamed the “Mexican Hotdog.”

    Fact 9: This goes without saying, but we’ll mention it. They are absolutely perfect for an apartment. They don’t require a lot of exercise or space.

    Fact 10: Chiweenies are very low maintenance dogs. Their grooming is simple. Their personalities are quirky and cool. They live long lives. They’re loyal. They’re the perfect little blend of two feisty but fun dogs!

    Want to check out any available Chiweenies for sale we have in our store? Just click here!

  • The Perfect Winter Puppies that Make Great Snuggle Companions!

    Are you considering whether or not to buy a puppy this winter season?

    Well, if you are unsure which dog breed you should get that will do extremely well in this cold winter weather, consider the dogs in the list we’ve compiled. All of these dogs are extraordinary winter puppies that love the cold weather, maybe even more than you! Each of these dogs has a thick furry coat to help them handle the cold weather, which is an important thing to look for when searching for winter puppies. Here are just a few dogs that you may want to consider! Can’t wait to check our all of our adorable puppy breeds? Just click here for the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen!


    Akitas are great winter dogs because they are snow dogs! These dogs enjoy every moment spent in the snow with their thick furry coats. If you also enjoy outdoor activities in the winter, then an Akita is an appropriate dog for you. These dogs are courageous and willing to go on outdoor adventures with you. They are also really receptive to directions, so they are pretty easy to train especially in the snow they love so much.

    winter puppies

    Bernese Mountain Dogs.

    These dogs are awesome for the winter weather too! They do not require that much exercise if you are not interested in a lot of outdoor activities but they will really enjoy the time you spend with them outside just as much as the time you spend with them inside the house. These dogs have incredible strength and speed and would make the perfect company for adventures in the winter.

    German Shepherds.

    These dogs really love the outdoors and thankfully their winter coats are extremely thick to protect them from being cold. Germans really enjoy playtime spent outside in the winter and would love to travel with you on your winter trip to the mountains. These dogs are awesome family dogs that are willing to play with everyone outside.

    These are just a few dogs to consider when buying winter puppies this year. These dogs are great friends in the cold weather, and really any other time of the year. You can not beat the type of friendships these dogs will build with you this winter. If you are looking for a companion to join you on your winter adventures think about buying one of these winter puppies at one of our Petland locations.

  • How to Properly Take Care of Dog Paws in the Cold Weather

    The weather outside is frightful and extremely not delightful for a dog to walk in without paw protection.

    You probably wouldn’t walk outside barefoot in extremely frigid temperatures, so your pup probably doesn’t either! Some pet owners don’t consider this during the winter season. Here at Petland, we recommend that you purchase dog paws shoes to protect them from many dangers during the unpredictable winter weather. Here are some reasons you should invest in paw shoes for your dog this winter. Want to see which puppies we have that love wintertime? Click here are our available snow puppies!

    dog pawsDon’t forget about the doggos!

    Dogs’ paws can only withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit before their paws start to hurt really badly. No dog should be walked outside in weather below 0 degrees without warm paw covers or you are putting your dog at risk for frostbite especially if they are not used to the cold.

    Beware the ice

    Broken ice can cut your dog’s paws. A lot of people forget that their dog’s paws are really fragile and hard broken ice can act as glass and be just as painful as stepping on a broken piece of glass. If you do not want your dog to suffer during a walk with a bruised paws invest some paw protective covers.

    Slip and falls don’t just happen to humans

    They can slip on icy paths just like humans. This is where dog paw covers come in handy the most. These covers provide appropriate traction just like the boots on your feet so your dog doesn’t risk slipping on the ice and getting injured.

    It is extremely important that you take all means necessary for protecting dog paws in the winter. Paw shoes/covers are the way to go. Make sure that you get the right size because the fit is just as important in protection from injuries.

  • 5 Things You Don’t Know About Frenchie Puppies

    French bulldogs also known as “Frenchie puppies” make the cutest dogs you’d ever did see!

    Here at Petland, we want you to know everything about the pup you are seeking to add to your family. Did you know Frenchies give birth by c-section due to their narrow hips – natural birth is almost impossible? Their litter is usually three to five pups on average. We will share some additional fun facts about French bulldogs to help you determine if they are right for you and your lifestyle.

    frenchie puppiesWhat is the best food for a Frenchie?

    What they eat is probably the most basic, but frequently asked question. It definitely makes sense to find out what a certain breed eats before making an investment. Frenchie pups should have a diet that is limited on grains. Limit giving your pup chicken as it can cause gastrointestinal irritation. Be sure to choose a higher quality food to ensure your dog is getting the best nutrients to be healthy. Petland feeds Health Extension brand dog food!

    What do I use to walk them?

    Use a harness instead of a collar to avoid choking them during walks. It teaches your pup not to pull when walking which can restrict their airways.

    Are they good swimmers?

    Make sure to use a life jacket when swimming with your pup as they are top heavy and make horrible swimmers!

    Summer puppies or winter puppies?

    Frenchie pups don’t like the heat. In hot temperatures, be sure to find shade if you’re out with your pup. Be sure to keep water to make sure they are hydrated as well. French bulldogs also have a short coat and can be sensitive to cold weather in the winter. Investing in a coat to wear while your Frenchie pup is outside may be your best bet.

    Are they good family dogs?

    Of course, this is definitely a deal breaker for any pet owner or potential pet owner. Fortunately, French bulldogs are easy to train, love affection, and are adorable.
    If you’re interested in learning more about French bulldogs, visit our store today. We can assist in making sure you are equipped with the information to make the best decision if this breed is a right choice for you and your lifestyle. Visit us at Petland today!

  • Acorn Ridge Kennels

    Acorn Ridge is easily ranked as one of my personal favorites!

    The size and space of Acorn Ridge alone is a puppy loving vloggers paradise. They have a great laid-back feel and even a set up of lemon bars, sweet tea, and foosball in the entry room for their guests. All that aside, I am way more excited to meet the stars of my newest vlog, the dogs that call Acorn Ridge their home.

    Just imagine it, walking through a massive doorway and there they are… fuzzy Golden retrievers, floppy excitable Labs, and a myriad of colored poodles that are eagerly awaiting head pats, belly rubbings and boops. For those of you at home, you know there’s no better feeling than walking in the front door and having an excited dog that’s been waiting on you… their favorite human. And while they may have never met me before, the doggos of Acorn Ridge love meeting guests, which they do frequently as an integral key to their socialization. After politely asking to step inside, I’m struck by the sheer size of the individual kennels, even at 5”10 my wingspan alone isn’t enough to reach side to side. A golden named “Goldilocks” immediately rushes me and in two seconds flat I’m being smothered by kisses and struggling to balance my camera.

    Best. Feeling. Ever.

    After capturing a few meet and greets with the happy citizens of Acorn Ridge, I’m on my way to the nursing areas to meet the newest and tiniest members of the kennel. I wash my hands and arms thoroughly, (these are babies after all!) and gently approach the new liters. Puppers as young as 2 weeks old, that have yet to even open their eyes, squeak and roll about as my heart melts into a puddle. The pups as old as 6-7 weeks old are full of energy and giving their mom a thorough run for her money. Thankfully, each nursing area is equipped with a lifted area for new moms to get their fair share of “me time.” I can only imagine her relief when I stepped in, allowing the rambunctious puppies to have a shiny new source of entertainment. Meanwhile, all the moms, while very friendly floofs, kept a close watch on their precious pups. As you can imagine, greeting young puppies is always a joy, but the socialization yard is where the real work starts for our team. Acorn Ridge has three yards, and you guessed it…we got to film in all of them!

    As it’s still early, this is the adults first release of the day, so I try to prepare myself for the intense cardio I’m about to do, check you later treadmill! But I quickly found out that if you think you can outrun a Golden Retriever…you’re wrong. So wrong. As seven Goldens rush the field, it’s go time! Tire chews, tennis balls, and ropes are all claimed within seconds, the bright sunshine overhead making this day one for the books.

    We spent over three hours filming Acorn Ridge and by the end of it, I had plenty of laughs and my fair share of exercise. Acorn Ridge provides a warm, welcoming feeling to all that come to play and has an authentic atmosphere of pure joy. This facility was not only pristine, but quite heartwarming as the people, pups and guests are all in the perfect harmony that only life with animals can truly provide.


  • Are Puppy Teacup Breeds Worth the Hype?

    There has been a lot of hype around teacup breeds for their petite stature and, of course, undeniable cuteness.

    The idea of putting your dog in your bag and taking off to the grocery store seems cool and very on trend, but is there another side to the story? The popularity around small dog breeds has the tendency to focus more on the look of the dog versus the health factors, which can cause problems for owners down the line. Petland wants to ensure you’re equipped with what you need to consider before becoming a teacup breed owner.

    teacup breeds

    Focus on the long-term health rather than the look.

    The word “teacup” can be misleading as it is a trendy market term that is attractive to buyers seeking small dogs. As cute as they are, small breed pups can come with a big load of health issues. Of course, choosing a healthy pup can not only benefit the owner from high expenses at the veterinarian, but make owning a teacup dog more enjoyable. At Petland, we take pride in educating our customers on how to care for their pets. Our pet counselors are knowledgeable and up-to-date with the information needed for the proper care of your pets.

    A small dog can be a great companion.

    While teacup breeds are appealing and cute in size, it is important to care for them properly. A great benefit in having a teacup breed as a pet is, if you travel frequently, they are much easier to fly with on the airplane. They don’t require much room and travel easily in a small tote comfortably. Teacups also don’t consume much, which keeps the food cost down. They are also good dogs for people who live in small environments, such as a tiny house or a recreational vehicle.

    Choose the right breeder.

    If you’re not careful, you may buy a dog from a breeder that doesn’t have the same integrity or safe practices that we have here at Petland. Petland has very strict requirements when it comes to vaccinations and other prophylactic measures and our veterinarian care is bar none. There are many things that happen before teacup breeds leave the store and the puppies must meet our standards before they are Petland puppies. You can trust us with providing you with the correct education to care for your pets!

    Want to see all of our available puppies before heading down to our location, just click here!

  • 3 Suggestions to Help Cute Puppy Dogs Sleep During the Night

    Having a new cute puppy dog can be almost identical to having a new baby.

    Puppies need an ample amount of love and care after they go to their new furrr-ever homes. In the beginning, getting up in the middle of the night to check on your pup because they may be crying, hungry, or afraid could happen quite frequently. Petland wants to offer you a few tips and suggestions to make the transition in adapting to a new dog enjoyable and pleasant. Can’t wait to see all of our adorable puppies for sale? Just click here!

    1. Keep them busy.

    Young pups are energetic and full of excitement when they are newly born. Dog owners typically work all day and whey they get home they would like for the dog to sleep when they do. New pups need a good amount of stimulation to help them sleep during the night. Make sure they have playtime before bed. You can play catch with your new pup outside or have some fun toys they can chase after to tire them out. Try going for a walk every evening and make it a routine for consistency.

    puppies for sale

    2. Be creative with their food.

    Make sure they have a good meal before bed. You can try putting dog food inside of a teething chew toy or hollow bone to have them work for their food to tire them out. Keeping your puppy physically and mentally active is the key to keeping them asleep at night. If you have a family, you can incorporate your family members in an activity to increase your pup’s stimulation.

    3. Walk your dog before bed.

    Make sure to take your puppy to the bathroom before bed. Putting them to bed with a full bladder will surely keep them up at night. Also, you can try covering the puppy crate a bit to control light and sound when it is time for bed to help your pup transition between morning and night. Limit the amount of water you give your pup in the evening – be sure to check with your veterinarian as certain breeds may have different requirements.

    Check out Petland’s puppies for sale to find a new family member for you and your family!

  • 10 Suggestions to Keep Your Pup Happy in the Winter

    As pet owners, you may be wondering how to keep your puppy or dog happy when it is cold outside.

    This is a good question as our dogs have different needs and may perform differently during the colder seasons. Petland would like to make sure that dog owners feel comfortable in caring for their dogs and make sure they feel at their best. There are several ways to keep your dog happy during the winter and we want to share ten suggestions with you.

    petland locations

    • And here we go:

    -Buy your dog a fashionable sweater for the cold weather.
    -Purchase a harness jacket for walking your dog.
    -Avoid poisonous foods, such as Valentine’s Day chocolates.
    -Find a warm, comfortable, and safe place for your dog during the colder season.
    -Be sure to protect your doggie from candles or fireplaces.
    -Try to maintain the same schedule for eating, walking and playing with your pet despite the cold weather if possible.
    -Buy fun toys for your dog to play indoors when it’s too cold to go outside.
    -Build an indoor maze for your pup for a family fun day.
    -Schedule an indoor playdate to keep your dog or pup active when it’s too chilly to go outside.
    -Buy a comfortable cozy bed for your pet to sleep during the cold nights.

    • We have Petland locations all over the southeast!

    Petland is always ready for our customers any time of the year to assist with providing the best customer service experience. We have pet counselors on hand to assist with adapting your pet to your lifestyle. There are Petland locations all over the United States, check online for more! We value our customers and understand that buying a new pup or caring for a dog can be a big task. We understand customers may have anxiety keeping their furry friends warm and happy in the colder season. We are here to help and love your pets as much as you do!

  • How To Help a Friend Who May be Lonely this Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day can be tough for friends or family members that are spending the day alone

    We all have that one friend who just can not seem to find a significant other to stick with them for that long and it can be challenging. If this sounds like your situation then maybe buying your best friend a puppy this Valentine’s Day season will bring lots of cheer and joy. All you have to do is search for “puppies for sale near me” to find some of the most quality pets we have to offer at our Petland locations. Here are just a few examples of our precious pups!

    puppies for sale

    French Bulldogs.

    These dogs have some of the most affectionate personalities! Frenchies are super playful and love giving their owners attention. These dogs will make sure your friend is busy and has something to occupy their time!

    Teacup Poodles.

    These dogs are extremely intelligent and learn how to read your emotions almost as soon as they meet you. These dogs love affection and playtime with their owners and plus they are super stylish dogs. Not only will your friend fall in love with this dog instantaneously but this dog will be a surefire conversation starter. Dogs always spark up conversations with strangers, friends, and family!


    Yorkies are bold, confident, and extremely intelligent dogs. Not only do Yorkies love learning from humans but they, in turn, teach us compassion and love. You’ll find that these dogs are extremely friendly and will make a great companion for almost anyone.

    If you want to make an investment in your friend’s life and happiness, then come visit us today. We have these beautiful and love-giving dogs in our locations. They are just waiting to make someone’s day, month, and year! Visit our available puppies page to get started today!  All of these dogs are extremely friendly and ready to love a new friend and create new and lasting bonds!

  • How to Not Feel Lonely This Valentine’s Day

    You know what time of year it is…

    …when the TV starts to show nothing but ads full of love, doves, and roses. As soon as the commercials start to change from Happy New Year it rushes into a month full of ads about what you and your significant other should get each other for Valentine’s Day. Well, this can problematic for those who have just suffered from heartbreak or still haven’t found a significant other to spend time celebrating love.

    Recent studies have reported that the average single American has reported that they feel significantly lonelier during the Valentine’s Day season. What better way to cure your loneliness with an affectionate furry puppy this year? Here is a list of some cute dogs for sale in Summerville that will certainly help you defeat your loneliness. Did you know that Petland carries all these breeds and so much more? Check out all of our available puppies right here!

    cute dogs for sale

    Boston Terrier puppies

    These dogs are one of the most kind-hearted breeds out there. They not only love to give affection to their owners but also enjoy play time. They are extremely lively and will keep you from thinking about the depressing Valentine’s Day season ahead. These dogs are a perfect entertainment replacement from the TV.

    Lab pups

    These puppies are one of the original man’s best friend dogs. These dogs are featured in a lot of films as being one of the most loving and supportive parts of the family. They attach to their owners quickly and have a knack for being able to tell when their owner may be a little upset.

    Akita puppies

    Akitas are fun and faithful dogs that adore human contact. They are known for being one of the most faithful dogs that do not detach easily from their owners. They are courageous and will not hesitate to jump on the bed with you and cuddle.

    If this Valentine’s Day season is making you feel extra lonely, do not worry because these are just a few cute dogs for sale in Charleston that are sure to warm your heart up. You can find these puppies at any of our Petland locations. They are some of the sweetest dogs that will stay absolutely faithful to you!

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