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  • 5 Reasons We Adore Big Dog Breeds

    Are you ready to welcome potential big dog breeds into your family?

    Well, you’ve come to the right blog! It can be extremely difficult to decide which dog to buy, but you are in luck because we can help you find the cutest big dog breeds of 2019! Needless to say, almost every dog breed is super cute. Each of these dogs have very unique personalities. If you find that any of these dogs spark an interest, come into our Petland location. We will be happy to explain more about the unique qualities of each of these dogs have. Here are a few of the cutest big dog breeds we carry and be sure to check our available puppies for sale right here!

    Golden Retrievers!

    These are classic family dogs. These dogs are super well-mannered and understand boundaries. If you have children, they are one of the perfect comfort animals and can even help support children when they are having a bad day. They are great playtime buddies and cuddlers. These dogs are perfect companions for active people. One of their favorite activities is taking long hikes, just in case you need a hiking partner!big dog breeds


    These are some of the cutest dogs ever! A lot of Huskies have different color eyes that are super unique. Female Huskies’ weight can range anywhere from 35-51 pounds and males can weigh 44-60 pounds. They are pretty big dogs so get ready for big dog responsibilities. They are friendly with people of all ages. If you already have a dog in the house do not stress! Huskies get along extremely well with other dogs.

    Great Danes!

    If you are looking for a big dog these dogs will certainly check that box. These dogs are extremely friendly and love outdoor activities. Female Great Danes range from 90-130 pounds and males range from 120 to 200 pounds. Even though they are big in size they are known for being gentle giants. Sometimes these dogs do not understand how big they are, so keep a watchful eye when they’re around small children.

    If you are looking for the cutest big dog breeds hopefully this list helps you. If you have more questions about these dogs come in and chat with any of our employees at Petland. They will give you more information on all of the cool characteristics of these dogs and how you can take one home with you.

  • Is Spring a Dog’s Favorite Season? We Think So!

    This is the perfect time to consider buying cute dogs for sale!

    It is finally Spring! You have made it through the cold season and it’s finally starting to warm up. This is the perfect time to consider buying a puppy! There are many reasons to buy a dog, but one of the most important is because there are so many cute dogs for sale in the springtime! Here is a list of some of the cutest dogs we sell at Petland. Want to see the cutest pictures ever, just click here for our available puppies for sale!

    1. Frenchie pups.

    French Bulldogs are some of the cutest dogs in the world. Males range from 20 to 28 pounds, and females range from 16 to 24 pounds. They stay pretty small throughout their whole lives. One of their most endearing personality traits is they snort and grunt almost 24 hours a day. This is super cute because they are not obnoxious, just very vocal animals.

    2. Bichon Frise Pups.cute dogs for sale

    These cute little dogs are super sweet and affectionate. The males range from 6 to 11 pounds, and females of this breed range from 6 to 11 pounds as well. They are a super fluffy and love to play. They are great animals to have if you have a family because they get along with everyone. Because of their size, they are extremely nice to cuddle with if that’s the kind of comfort you desire!

    3. Maltipoo puppies.

    These dogs are super cute. They are about 14 inches tall and range from 15 to 20 pounds. These dogs make the best of friends. They love building personal connections with their owners. They have a super happy affectionate attitude that is great to have around your home. These dogs are extremely intelligent which is super great because they are easy to train. These dogs are also loyal and also hypoallergenic. So, if you were worried you could not get a dog because of an allergy, you are in luck!

    If you are seriously considering buying a dog this spring, consider these cute dogs for sale. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these dog breeds. They are super sweet and all very affectionate. You can find these dogs at any of our Petland locations.

  • Petland Speaks: The Benefits of Small Dog Breeds

    Have you been questioning whether or not you should invest in small dog breeds or large dog breeds?

    Well, they are both extremely great animals, but for some, a smaller dog breed may be a better option. Here at Petland, we advise that you consider these 3 things before thinking about buying your future dog. 1. Does your dog fit into your lifestyle? 2. Are there parks within walking or close driving distance of your home? 3. Is your home safe enough for a small animal? After considering these questions you should take some time to read about how small dog breeds may be the best fit for your home. Want to see all of the available small breed puppies we have for sale, just click here!small dog breeds

    1. Dog food can be extremely expensive.

    However, with a smaller dog, you will not have to buy as much food for them as you would for a larger dog. This may be a key factor to consider when thinking about whether or not to buy small dog breeds.

    2. They are super easy to cuddle with.

    If you are looking to buy a dog for the mere fact that they are the most comforting animals on the planet then you may want to have a small dog that is easier to cuddle. Large breeds might think they are the ultimate lap dog, but it can be hard to oblige a 50lb Golden Retriever!

    3. They are the perfect size to be your traveling companion.

    Ever heard of the term “road-dog”? Well, this is exactly what small dog breeds will be for you because they are easy to transport. This can be helpful for those who travel often or usually have a lot of errands to run throughout the day.

    If you are seriously contemplating whether or not you want to buy a small or big dog, first make sure that you are ready for all of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Secondly, consider the list above to make sure that a small dog is appropriate for your lifestyle. If you have any more questions you can always come in and talk to us at our Petland location. We are more than happy to provide advice to you!

  • Puppies for Sale: Is Your Home a Good Fit for a New Puppy?

    Here at Petland, we have many puppies for sale and believe in providing education to help you pick the right one!

    Buying a puppy can be extremely exhilarating and the purest feeling in the world. However, it is important that you make sure you have a safe enough home for one of these small little guys to live safely. Here are a few things to check in your home to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for your new puppy.

    Do not keep small objects on the ground.puppies for sale

    Puppies are explorers and the one way they really like to do this is by tasting things that are unfamiliar to them. Small toys on the ground can be extremely dangerous and pose as a choking hazard for your puppy because they might try and eat it. If you do have lots of toys for your kids make sure that they are put away before you allow your dog to enter this room.

    Make sure your dog always has access for elimination.

    We are aware of a lot of new pet owners who have doggy doors installed in their homes. These are great ideas, but they only work with dogs who are trained and aware of the opening. Otherwise you need to be prepared to take a lot of walks in the beginning!

    Are there places in your home that you are uncomfortable with your puppy exploring?

    Before bringing home one of the puppies for sale that you purchased, make sure that you get a safety gate to limit their access to the areas in your home that you wish to deem as restricted. Most dogs have a natural inquisitive nature and would like to explore their surroundings. Having a safety gate installed will keep them from potentially hazardous objects in your home.

    Take a look at this list several times and print it out if necessary. It is important for your dog’s safety. We want to make sure that the puppies for sale in our store go to homes that are safe and secure. If you have more questions on puppy proofing your home, take a look at some of our previous posts and feel free to come into our store to talk even more.

  • Petland Speaks: Here’s Our Votes for the Cutest Mixed Dog Breeds!

    There are many popular mixed dog breeds, here’s a list of the cutest mixed dog breeds to help you choose.

    There are countless numbers of dog breeds on our planet! Just like how humans are becoming more and more globalized every year dogs are also mixing and creating the cutest mixed dog breeds every day. There are many popular mixed dog breeds, but if you are really looking to buy a new mixed dog, a list of the cutest mixed dog breeds won’t help you that much. You may also want to know about these dog’s personalities and the adventures they love to go on. Here is a list of the cutest mixed dog breeds that also includes their personality traits. Want to check out all of our hybrid puppies for sale, just click here!cutest mixed dog breeds

    1. Pomskies

    Pomskies are a mixture of Pomeranians and Huskies. Not only are these dogs extremely cute, but they also have a really awesome personality. They are adventurous and make very suitable family pets. If you have a big family, your Pomski will be sure to build a special bond with each one of the members in your family. These dogs are not too big for a young family either. Their body weight ranges from 15 lbs to 25lbs.

    2. Puggles

    Puggles are a mix of Pugs and Beagles. These dogs are known for having really playful personalities and are super affectionate. They are super unique and will certainly blow the tops off your neighbors because they will be in awe of how cute your dog is. These dogs are one of the best breeds for senior citizens if you are attempting to buy a pet for your grandparents.

    3. Yoranian

    Yoranians are a mixture of Yorkies and Pomeranians. These dogs are extremely fearless animals, but definitely a bit nervous around strangers. They love their owners and are not afraid of showing affection to them. They are rambunctious and love going on walks. Because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train.

    Buying a new dog can be super exciting! If you are able to find one of these mixed breeds, then you should buy it right away. If you think that any of these dogs fit your interest as a potential pet owner, you should contact our Petland location today!

  • 3 Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust to Your Children Getting Older

    Petland sympathizes with pet owners during family transitions.

    We want you to be equipped with not only the basic information but also the emotional information that comes with owning a pet. Being a part of a family is complex and can be overwhelming when you have many people at home including your dog(s). We want to provide you with some helpful tips on how to transition your pup from playing with children to now young adults.

    Tip One – Create an Atmosphere for Quality Time

    Teenagers can have very hectic schedules. As children get older, they tend to spend less and less time at home. School and friends can be crowding their schedule which leaves little time to bond with the family dog. Persuade your teen to spend some time with your dog by adding an incentive. An idea for an incentive could be giving him or her money to walk the dog or adding it to their allowance for the week.puppies for sale

    Tip Two – (our favorite) Add Another Pet Family Member

    If your dog has been in your family long enough to see your children grow into teenagers, it may be time to add another puppy to your family. Your pet may appreciate another partner to play with especially if no one’s home anymore like old times. Petland locations have puppies for sale. We can assist you not only in your family transition but adding a friendly puppy to your family that will make a great fit. Want to see our adorable available puppies for sale, just click here!

    Tip Three – Make More Memories

    Remember when you were looking for puppies for sale and how special that was for your family? Now that your children are older it may call for some creativity to spend more time at home as a family. Starting a game night once a week can make the perfect excuse to adjust their schedule to be home. The game night should include your dog to add quality time by playing fetch or having your dog run from member to member to create some engagement with the family as a whole. This could be encompassing of everyone having a great time as a family.

    Whatever you decide, know that there are Petland locations near you for any assistance you or your pet may need. We take pride in our skilled team and high standards. We not only have puppies for sale, but a skilled team to provide you the information you need when you take your puppy homes – come see us today.

  • 4 Healthy Ways to Maintain Your Dogs Paws

    Did you know it is very important to take care of your dogs paws especially in the winter?

    Protecting your dogs paws in the winter can minimize infection, prevent irritation, and keep dogs out of pain. Of course, the teeth, eyes, and ears are just as important, but for now, we will focus on the health of dogs paws. Petland wants you to be prepared this winter season by offering some important tips to keep your dog from visiting the vet for paw pain.

    Trim those nails.

    Overgrown paw nails can create bigger problems in the long run. Their nails can get snagged in the carpet, they can tear a toenail, or even scratch their owner. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed provides comfort and safety for your pet and you as the owner. Check out Petland locations near you for advice or tools you can use for nail trimming.dogs paws

    Walking your dog in the winter or summer.

    The health of your dogs paws could be compromised in extremely cold or hot temperatures. When walking your pet outside be sure to check for a clear pathway for them to walk. Protecting dog paws in the winter can be done in several ways – apply Vaseline for comfort before walking, rub off their paws when returning from walking to remove salt or debris from their paws, or massage their paws after bath time for stimulating blood circulation.

    Pay attention to the time.

    Make sure you pay attention to how long your dog is outside during extreme temperatures. We are firm believers in the healthy activity of your pets, but also the care. The care should always come first. If your dog is noticeably uncomfortable from being outside in the heat or cold, take them inside for a break. Protecting dog paws in the winter includes cleaning off and drying their feet after some time outside to avoid frostbite. Believe it or not, dogs can get frostbite too.

    At Petland, we take pride in our standards for the health of our animals. We have trained team members to ensure our dogs and pups are well taken care of and maintaining their good health is our priority. We are constantly brainstorming ideas to make sure you as a pet owner have the necessary information to thrive in caring for your animals. Check us out today at our Petland locations near you.

  • 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Your Pet Goals This Year

    Setting goals is a great way to target what you want and bring your desires into fruition.

    Goals can also be for your pets at home. Improve your pet’s life by making a list of what you would like your pup to accomplish. A great example of a goal this year could be researching efficiently walking dogs in cold weather. We at Petland in SC can assist in making your lifestyle and pet’s life much easier by listing some very basic goals that are easy to achieve.

    Are you spending enough quality time with your dog?

    We get so busy with our day to day life that we may ignore our dogs at home more often than we should. There may be a late meeting that interferes with your pet play time. You may have a late party you attended on the weekend that cut right into your bonding time. Our doggies need quality time too. Think about how you want to intentionally spend time with him or her and pencil it in on your calendar.

    Is your pet in shape?

    This is a question we are asking to spark some thinking on if your pet needs to get out more. Walking dogs in cold weather can be a legitimate reason for a pet owner to remain indoors. Dogs can become overweight or out of shape as well as humans if there is a lack of activity. To make sure your dog is getting the exercise he or she needs it may be a good idea to set a goal to increase your pet’s activity for the year.petland in sc

    It could be a good time for you to add a new furry family member and friend to your current pet. Studies have shown that overweight pets are more active with a new puppy in the house and it can add to the plan to help them lose unwanted pounds. Want to see if we might have a puppy to fit your and your current pet’s needs, just click here to see all our available puppies for sale!

    Is your furry friend social enough?

    Activity and social skills may go hand in hand when it comes to setting your pet’s goals. You may be able to accomplish both by going to a local dog park and having your pet interact with other pet friends. Dogs love to greet and play with other friends. Look up some dog parks in your area to see if there’s one near your home.

    Is your doggie on the right diet?

    Eating the right dog food can be essential to your dog’s health and energy. Ensure your dog is getting everything he or she needs by taking your dog to a veterinarian for recommendations. Also, you may want to research the appropriate diet for your specific breed.

    You can also visit a Petland in SC or the closest location near you to ask us anything about your dog. Our staff would be delighted to help as we know a thing or two on walking dogs in cold weather, it’s a goal of ours regularly.

  • 5 Tips for Bathing Your Dog Efficiently at Home

    While bathing your pup at home can be fun for you, it may not be so fun for your dog.

    Petland understands pet owners who may be wondering how cold is too cold for puppies. New puppies especially, have to get used to being bathed at home. They may try to flee from a bath rather than relax and enjoy being scrubbed with bubbly suds. We want you to know everything about bathing your pup so that you and your dog can comfortably enjoy bath time together.

    Tip One – brush your dog’s hair.

    Before starting the bath, brush their fur to remove any tangles before putting water on their fur. This can avoid tangles and make it easier to brush your dog’s fur before and after the bath.winter safety

    Tip Two – start with the body.

    Once your puppy’s head is wet, they may tend to shake because they’re cold. As a caring pet owner, you may get concerned with how cold is too cold for puppies – start with the body first to keep your anxiety down.

    Tip Three – blot don’t rub.

    Blotting your dog dry will lead to fewer tangles in their fur.

    Tip Four – use a towel.

    Place a towel underneath your pet to avoid slipping. Your dog may try to run once they see the soap bucket, a towel will keep them in place and prevent them from sliding all over the floor. Be sure to also review winter safety tips for trying to avoid a sick doggie.

    Tip Five – after the bath.

    After a bath, be sure to dry the inside of your pet’s ears. Leaving them wet could potentially lead to an ear infection.

    Tip Six – every puppy breed is different.

    Of course, each breed has a separate number of requirements. It is always a good idea to do some research on your specific breed to make sure you are taking all the precautions necessary for your pet’s safety and good health. Also, remember to review winter safety tips to keep your dog warm during these cold winter months. We understand that pet owners wonder how cold is too cold for puppies and at Petland, we hope these winter safety tips were helpful because we love to see pets happy!

  • 3 Tips for Living as a Minimalist Dog Owner

    Minimalism has become a trendy topic over the years, especially for those who are looking for teacup dog breeds.

    People are thinking more about what they own and the value it brings to their life. Dogs are a special part of people’s lives and their value is endless. Pets thrive in small spaces if you are considering shrinking down your things or home size – just be creative. You don’t have to own a teacup dog breeds to live in a tiny house. Your pet can adjust to your “tiny lifestyle” with ease being big or small. Read on for four ways you can live comfortably with your pet for your “tiny living” or minimalist lifestyle and visit Petland locations to speak with a skilled team member.teacup dog breeds

    1. Your living space is intentional.

    Living in a tiny space can get very tricky. It requires an ample amount of awareness on where to keep your things and how many things you actually own in each space. Every item has a place, but the trick is to make sure it’s not overcrowding, and each item has a purpose. Pets appreciate clean spaces where they have a place to be happy and grow no matter the size. It doesn’t matter if your pet belongs to the cutest big dog breeds down to the adorable teacup dog breeds, he or she should be able to adjust to their tiny environment.

    2. Your Pup has a special place.

    Whether you have a big or small dog, they should have a space they can claim as their own. Doggies like to have a special place they can sleep or take a nap. Generally, they also like to eat in the same area or space. When living tiny it is a good idea during your planning to include a space for your pup he or she can claim as their own. If you don’t have a backyard use a dog park or nearby large area to walk your dog.

    3. Closer to the outdoors.

    Ensure your dog has enough play time outdoors by scheduling the same time every day if possible, to take a walk. As long as their play time is being fulfilled, they shouldn’t become too restless in your tiny space. Rather if it is a tiny home, a recreational vehicle, or a smaller home your pup should adjust to your lifestyle if you cater to their playful needs. Dogs love to play outdoors and should have the freedom to do so to maintain their good health.

    We have the cutest teacup breeds at Petland locations near you if you would like to fill your tiny space with a new companion come see us today for help.

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