Summer’s heat can be extreme, but just imagine how your dog feels wearing a fur coat and no shoes during these high temperatures. Today we are going to discuss dog paws, which are just as sensitive and likely to burn as human feet. If you’ve ever stepped outside barefoot to experience scorching hot concrete or […]

An argument can be made that all dogs are intelligent and we don’t dispute that! Training is king! In fact, a dog’s intelligence plays a big factor when people buy a dog. We have to say, however, that there are some dogs that are scientifically smarter than others and rank high on the doggy IQ […]

Have you been searching for Boxer puppies for sale and landed on our site? Well, perfect because we’ve got some of the cutest and most precious Boxer puppies for sale anywhere! They are some of the most adorable and loving dogs, but they are also some big old softies despite how large they can grow […]

If you’re looking for an Italian Greyhound for sale, they are extremely friendly, sweet, and loyal dogs! At Petland, we pride ourselves on taking care of and providing our customers with some of the most unique and popular dogs, like Italian Greyhounds. They would make an excellent addition to a large family with children or […]

This post is going to be all about our precious Pomsky puppies for sale! We’ll sing their praises, of course, but we’ll also share other information about them because knowledge is power, we think! Okay, let’s delve right in…continue reading about these powerful puffballs – our Pomsky puppies for sale! Want to see our Pomsky […]

Known as the love sponge of dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are sweet, gentle and kind. Their long ears and beautiful coats make them attractive at first sight. If you’re considering a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog than keep reading for more details on why this dog breed may be the best choice for you. […]

Are you getting married soon and blending your small dog breeds into one big happy family? Congratulations, we are very excited for you and happy your pets will be siblings! After all, when there is more than one pet in the home, most likely they will be the best of friends. Petland in Summerville understands […]

If your pet’s birthday is approaching soon and you’re scrambling to orchestrate a plan to celebrate you’ve come to the right place. What a wonderful idea to celebrate your cute puppy dogs birthday with an actual birthday party? We’re talking birthday hats, cake, and all. What a great way to spend time with your pet, […]

Petland in Summerville asks are your cute puppy dogs afraid of the dark? Dogs certainly can be afraid of the dark, although it isn’t very common. The vision for dogs at night is better than humans, but that doesn’t mean your cute puppy dogs can’t be afraid of the dark. There may be several reasons […]

The struggle to walk your pet in the summer heat is very real. Here are some thoughts from our Petland locations on how to beat the heat! Either you’re not happy with the hot weather or your pup is not, but either way, we want to help. Petland in Summerville knows all too well that […]

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